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Tax Credit 2011

Early in 2009 Federal government approved a stimulus bill providing for an Energy Efficiency tax credit to be used when replacing certain household appliances. That stimulus plan would give homeowners a tax credit of up to U$1,500.00 depending on qualified improvements made. That tax credit expired and was replaced by a new one that unfortunately is not as good.There is a lot of confusing and misleading information out there that make it difficult to understand the eligibility and processing of the tax credit incentive. So we put this info here to help homeowners better understand it.

Eligibility and general rules for 2011 tax credit:

  • Homeowner will receive 10% of final cost (labor + materials) of qualified improvements ,up to U$ 300.00 for the 2011 tax year;
  • Installation must be completed by December 31, 2011;
  • New system must be installed by licensed and insured HVAC contractor;
  • New system must be installed in homeowner’s primary residence;
  • Homeowner will need a copy of the Manufacturer’s Certification Statement also know as ARI Certificate of Performance on his/her records, it can be obtained at for most systems (IRS won’t need a copy of certificate);
  • Homeowners will need to file Tax Form 5695 and a copy of original invoice with tax return;
  • If homeowner owns taxes back to IRS then tax credit amount will be deducted of that debt. If homeowner is entitled to a refund, the amount of the refund will be increased by the tax credit. Homeowner must have withheld federal income taxes equal or in excess of tax credit amount in order to receive full eligible refund.


Notes:  All your qualified improvements (ex.: water heater, windows, roof, etc) compete for the same tax credit for the 2009/2010 tax years as well as the 2011. Having already replaced one or more items that qualify to the tax credit may reduce the U$ 300.00 tax credit limit to your next improvement or even unqualify your credit. You should consult a tax professional to learn how this tax credit applies to your specific situation as this matter is regulated by the IRS.

Manufacturer Rebates

From time to time when demand is slow (usually during spring and fall) some manufacturers offer rebates on equipment as an incentive to homeowners to replace their equipment. Most times the rebates are offered only to complete system purchases (air handler, condenser unit and heat kit) of higher efficiency equipment.Manufacturers’ rebates are independent of federal and power company rebates so even if you don’t qualify for those you might, and probably will, still qualify for the one from the manufacturer. They will send the check directly to the customer after processing of the application and related paperwork.If you want to know which brands are offering such incentives, please call our office. We will gladly explain the details and requirements.

Progress Energy Rebate

When you replace you central heating and air conditioning with a high efficiency system and/or change from a straight cool system with electric heat to a heat pump system Progress Energy will give you a rebate in the form of credit towards future electric bills.The amount of the rebate will vary based on the heat source of older and new system and also based on the new system’s efficiency. It takes usually 2 to 3 billing cycles to have the credit applied to your electric bill.Progress Energy requires a Home Energy Check audit with recommendation for change prior to any improvement that can generate a rebate.For more information check the Save the Watts website.

EnergyWise Program

Monthly Credits Progress Energy will arrange (at no cost to you) to have a small device installed at your home, and connect it to electric equipment you choose, such as your water heater and your central heating or cooling system. The device makes it possible to temporarily reduce energy consumption if our community experiences an unusually high power demand.In exchange for this “help” they will credit your electric bill with a monthly amount that varies with the quantity of appliances you have enrolled on the program. EnergyWise could save you up to $147 a year and it doesn’t matter if you have newer or older appliances.You can check the EnergyWise website for further information.

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