Using UV lights to improve your comfort and health


I just got asked yesterday about the efficiency of UV lights. People want to know if they really work or if it’s all about marketing a useless device just so the contractor can make a buck. I understand the concern due to some  unscrupulous contractors out there that try to push all the extras they think the customer may buy even if they don’t need them. UV light is one of the devices that gives you the best return for your money and I will explain why.

Most houses have an accumulation of air pollutants that cannot be eliminated by the air filter even if you have an expensive electronic air cleaner (EAC). Filters and EAC’s can only remove part of those pollutants. Bacteria, virus, germs, fungi (mold and mildew) and others can pass through your filtration system and keep the quality of your indoor air below healthy levels. UV lights have been used to disinfect and prevent the spread of germs at hospitals, food processing plants, manufacturing clean rooms, nursing homes and water treatment facilities for decades. These lights break the organic molecular bond of micro-organisms which causes the cellular damage that kills them. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) recommends UV lights as a way to prevent the spread of diseases like flu and tuberculosis.

The houses that would benefit the most of such upgrade are those with elderly people, small children, mold/mildew problems, and especially those with residents that suffer from asthma or allergies. By cleaning the air the, UV light reduces odor caused by mold and, if correctly installed, it will keep your evaporator coil clean saving you the cost of a possible coil cleaning. It will also greatly improve your system’s efficiency, lowering your electric bill.

UV lights are not expensive and can have a significant impact on quality of life by improving your comfort and health. Call us today and schedule a visit to evaluate which UV light would better fit your system and your house needs.

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