Residential HVAC Maintenance in Pinellas Park

Many Pinellas Park homeowners often question whether hiring a company to provide regular maintenance on their home’s HVAC systems is worth it. At Premium Services, we understand that there are plenty of costs that accumulate quickly when you own a home. When you need to repair your roof, repave your driveway or redo your landscape, it can be hard to make space for HVAC maintenance on top of the problems staring you in the face.

That said, HVAC maintenance is a small investment to make compared to how much it can save you in the long run. Your HVAC system provides your home with heating and cooling, which is something you already pay good money for on a regular basis and really can’t afford to live without. However, you may be without it sooner than you think if you continue to put off getting HVAC maintenance.

Premium Services likes to use the car analogy when explaining the importance of maintenance. Cars require oil changes, new belts, filters and other types of preventative maintenance or else the engine will lock up and the vehicle won’t run. HVAC systems are the same way. And just like with cars, it’s always cheaper to nip an HVAC problem in the bud than it is to get a brand new one.

If you want to avoid incurring the cost of replacing your HVAC system and being stranded without heating or cooling, the best thing to do is to get HVAC maintenance from Premium Services’s heating and cooling experts. We have more professional experience than any other HVAC maintenance and repair company in Pinellas Park and an incredible customer service record to back it up.

To increase the lifespan of your HVAC system and to save money on your energy bill, contact Premium Services today to learn more about our HVAC maintenance services.

Improved Air Quality

On top of the increased energy efficiency, extended equipment lifespan and the decreased frequency of repairs, getting regular HVAC maintenance can make your home more livable, particularly if you suffer from allergies and asthma. Indoor air quality can diminish if the coils and blower parts haven’t been cleaned recently because everything from mold to dust could be spread through your home, irritating sinuses, eyes, lungs and more.

Trusting Premium Services to clean these important components whenever we arrive for our regularly scheduled maintenance can make a huge difference in your home. By removing any contamination from your household’s HVAC system can improve the air quality and boost the overall comfort of your home.

Furnace Maintenance

As tempting as it may be to provide your furnace with maintenance yourself, we can’t in good conscience recommend you do it unless you have experience working on furnaces as one wrong move could be hazardous. Inexperienced furnace maintenance can be as benign as rapid rising energy bills or as serious as to carbon monoxide leaks. Rather than risk your safety, let the professionals at Premium Services take care of it.

We know the ins and outs of gas, electric and several other types of furnaces, so contact us whenever you need a professional diagnosis.